Gelato or Ice Cream? Ice Cream vs. Gelato: We Ask Intern Casey

Is gelato merely just the Italian word for “ice cream?” Is it intrinsically different? What’s the deal with ice cream’s fancy shmancy hipster-celebrated cousin? Are culturally challenged “everyday Americans” physiologically capable of enjoying gelato?

Before we can get into answering such substantive questions, let’s identify the critical differences:

Higher fat content in ice cream (ice [...]

TekknowledgeCast: May 30, 2013 – Chris Wells on WP Security

Every Thursday, Newtek Technology Services’ marketing team takes to the studio to lay down some serious discussion about current technology trends, products, services … among other things. This week, we benefit from the advice of expert guest Chris Wells (Associate VP of Technology Services at Newtek) who shares some great ideas about how to quickly [...]

Cyberwarfare’s a Battlefield

Okay. So we didn’t break this story and we aren’t necessarily sure what they are talking about; specifically, where this is whole thing is going or how it will ultimately be applied. But, it is interesting. Oh yeah, it’s interesting alright.
Okay, okay. I will explain. It seems that the infamous DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects [...]

You’re Gonna Love This “Extension” Stuff

Okay, I will just say it. Before today, I had no idea what an “extension” was. It turns out (with only the information I surmised from my minutes-old experience) that an extension is kind of like a downloadable function or mini-app available on, at least, Google Chrome (not sure if its exclusively Chrome, though) that [...]

Tomorrow’s Technology: Feeding the Future

If you are reading this blog, you are either a “techie” or at least have an interest/need for keeping up with technology. Suffice it to say, there is more to staying in the loop than just reading. Ergo, you need sustenance.
Techies love all sorts of things to snack on. They love Flaming Hot Funyons, pizza [...]

Newtek In Numbers [Infographic]

Here’s some fascinating stats from your favorite technology and business services provider.

Technically Speaking, with Rafael Cappucci

For this month’s Technically Speaking column, we were fortunate enough to speak with Rafael Cappucci of visionASP, someone we respect a lot here at Newtek.

Spotlight: Digital Attic

For our first customer Spotlight, where we showcase a customer who we’ve worked with to build out a custom hosting configuration, we had a chance to speak with Troy Vasquez, Vice President of Digital Attic.

How to Avoid Unexpected or Hidden Merchant Processing Fees

Here’s the ugly truth: Because there are so many different rates and fees involved in having a merchant account, some businesses end up paying more than they expected.

What do you believe is the most important issue your business faces today? [Survey]

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