A Newtek Minute, with Cheryl Alexander

I don’t know about you, but I think a vacation is in order.

And if I were to make a short-list of awesome places to visit, Italy would probably be on that list, which is why it was an absolute pleasure to speak with Cheryl Alexander of Italian Excursion for this month’s A Newtek Minute column.

Italian Excursion, which offers small-group guided tours through Italy, Tuscany, Umbria, and northern Lazio, focuses on showing you a region of the country that is less frequently traveled.  Part of the tour includes a trip to a 4,000 year old Etruscan village, wine tasting and food pairing at a traditional organic winery, and even a visit to Bolsena, the peninsula’s largest (and cleanest) volcanic lake, where the seven-hundred year old Castle of Bolsena overlooks the water.

For full tour details, be sure to check out the website.

Cheryl Alexander
Company: Italian Excursion
Website: http://www.italianexcursion.com

Newtek Technology Services:  Cheryl, thanks for speaking with us.  What inspired you to pursue a career in traveling?

Cheryl Alexander:  My interest in travel to Italy began some 15 years ago when I traveled there with friends.  From that point on, I planned my whole year, each year, around my two to three visits to Italy.  The people are so warm and friendly, the history and culture so deep and complex, the food and wine, captivating!

NTS:  What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in business that’s worth passing on to others?

CA: Having a strong infrastructure, including people, who can expertly support you and your goals, are most vital.

NTS:  Can you provide a no-fail tip in establishing client/customer loyalty?

CA: Great and consistent service, the first time, all the time.  Going the extra “mile” that some other company won’t go.  Following through on promises made, too, is very important in keeping clients loyal, and getting referrals.

NTS:  How long have you hosted your website with Newtek?

CA:  I have been with Newtek for more than six years, based on a referral from my original web designer.

NTS:  Why did you select us and why have you stayed?

CA:  As I mentioned, I was referred by someone I trust.  I’ve stayed because the service is exemplary, the prices reasonable.  I’ve been able to reach someone quickly, who is courteous, kind and knows how to solve the problem.

NS: Thanks, Cheryl.

Be sure to join us next month for another A Newtek Minute.  If you have any questions or comments for us or for Cheryl, please let us know in the comments below.


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