A Newtek Minute, with Robin Pascal

When you host over 100,000 domains for people and businesses around the globe, you get the privilege of meeting and working with incredibly interesting people. This includes, among others, artists of all types–painters, musicians, photographers, and much more.

This month, we had an opportunity to talk with Robin Pascal, a New Mexico-based fiber artist who sells her one-of-a-kind dichroic glass buttons through her website, perfectbuttons.com.

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Name: Robin Pascal
Company Name: Perfect Buttons
Years in Business: 10
Website: http://www.perfectbuttons.com

Newtek Technology Services: You’re networking at a casual gathering when a new acquaintance asks you to explain what you do for a living. Go:

Robin Pascal: I am a fiber artist: weaver, knitter, spinner, dyer, and maker of buttons.

NTS: What inspired you to pursue a career in your field?

RP: I have always had fiber in my blood. And from the time I could sew and make my own clothes, I wanted to make my own cloth. And it took half my life to get here.

Perfect Buttons

NTS: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in business that’s worth passing on to others?

RP: Find that niche that no one else is addressing, and service, service, service to your customers.

NTS: Can you provide one no-fail tip in establishing client/customer loyalty?

RP: Make a quality product, whether it be custom or off the rack, that no one else is making.

NTS: How long have you hosted with Newtek?

RP: Seven Years.

NTS: Why did you select us and why have you stayed?

RP: My webmaster chose you, and I’ve stayed because of the excellent service.

NTS: Thanks so much, Robin, for answering our questions!

Be sure to check out Robin’s website and to tune in next month as we speak with another one of our great customers!

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