Spotlight: Digital Attic

For our first customer Spotlight, where we showcase a customer who we’ve worked with to build out a custom hosting configuration, we had a chance to speak with Troy Vasquez, Vice President of  Digital Attic.

Digital Attic is a full-service production company based out of California that provides advertising agencies and marketing companies with the tools, equipment, and professionalism needed to produce high quality marketing materials.


Newtek Technology Services: Thanks for speaking with us, Troy.  Digital Attic’s design, development, and production services are pretty darn comprehensive, to say the least.  You tackle everything from iPhone application development to email marketing to 3D animation.  And not only that, you’ve been in business since 1992.  Why don’t you share with us some of the history of Digital Attic and its evolution to what we see today.

Troy Vasquez: Digital Attic started in 1992 as one of the first 3D animation companies in California.  We designed and created many TV commercials, TV station identification packages and other custom animation projects.    During that same time we also began offering video production services, creating TV commercials, and a few weekly local television shows.  We were working on Amiga and Commodore 64 computers running 16 MB or less of RAM.  In the mid-1990’s Digital Attic diversified becoming a web development firm, and establishing a nation-wide client base. As more companies adopted online-based marketing strategies and business solutions Digital Attic developed into a marketing firm specializing in online marketing and development. We now have an international client base, continuing to grow in spite of the recession.

NTS: What do you see as your biggest challenge in today’s uncertain marketplace?

Troy: Company growth is our biggest challenge in today’s uncertain marketplace, but it is also our greatest opportunity. We view the challenges in today’s economy as an opportunity for continual adaptation and innovation.

NTS: Your client list features some notable names.  For our small business audience, can you share with us some insight on building relationships with potential clients?

Troy: Creating and managing healthy customer relationships is a must for service organizations. The key to success is in growing and then managing the right expectations for service delivery. One way Digital Attic has accomplished this is through being proactive and providing solutions to unforeseen problems.

NTS: From your portfolio, I see you’ve done some great work with local clients as well, in Fresno.  How does serving your own community factor into your business strategy?

Troy: Digital Attic takes pride in its community. Being able to serve our community is not only a great honor, but also a commitment. By doing business locally we help support the local economy through economic development and providing jobs for local families.

NTS: Newtek recently assisted Digital Attic with a custom hosting solution. Can you tell us a little about what your need was and how we were able to help?

Troy: We needed a solution for our client that could handle millions of people per day. Your load-balance recommendations and replication between primary and secondary servers has proven to be a success. Page response times are great and have provided us and our client’s peace of mind knowing that the servers are running smoothly and our databases are replicated on the secondary server just in case a live backup is needed.

In addition to providing a cost-effective and professional solution, the staff at Newtek has been superb. Your staff consulted us on the best solution for our challenge, provided testing and reassurance on the amount of traffic we were anticipating, as well as getting the servers launched in a timely manner. If this wasn’t already enough, the staff at Newtek has provided ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting of potential problems while the solution has been online.

NTS:  So what made you choose Newtek over any other hosting provider?

Troy:  Newtek provided the most cost-effective solution that required only minor changes to our client’s website. Also, your technical support is the most responsive when we have questions or issues that need to be addressed.

NTS:  Finally, we here at Newtek do our best to provide top-notch customer care in order to build relationships with customers like Digital Attic. Can you give us some insight on Digital Attic’s own philosophy on customer service?

Troy:  Our success is built on creating a positive relationship with our customers as we help grow their business.

NTS:  Thanks, Troy, for speaking with us.


Have any questions or comments for us or Troy?  Let us know in the comments below.

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