Measure of Success

Bragging WallBy: Ron Kallam, Quality Assurance Coordinator

How do you measure your success? Success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  Some people may say success is based on how much money you have and others may say it is based on how much quality time you spend with your family. Businesses face the same dilemma of how to measure success.

Here at NTS we’re committed to offering our customers “Quality and Trust.” As a web hosting provider, we excel in both areas, although, we’re not perfect. Try as we might, poor customer experiences do occur unfortunately. So how can we ensure that we really are providing “Quality and Trust” and not just a slogan filled with empty words?

Although there have always been quality standards and measurements in place, we’ve decided we can do better, and have redefined the measurement of our customer service quality. How? By implementing Six Sigma tools and methodologies (such as the DMAIC methodology), which have helped us to not only identify areas of strength, but also areas of weakness that need work. Our positive stories were getting lost in the mix along with the negative ones, so we knew we needed to find a better way to draw out what was working so we could apply those elements to turn things around on the other spectrum.

That said, we implemented new quality standards, using more advanced performance metrics that have significantly improved the quality of our customer interactions.  Not only do our metrics confirm this statement, but our customer feedback does as well.

“Kudos!” is a term every service-oriented business strives for. We get more “Kudos” now than ever before and it is becoming hard to keep up with them all.  I am not saying we are perfect. But what I am saying is if you happen to have a poor experience with us, hang in there because we’re working hard behind the scenes to work out the kinks, and you can have “Trust” in that.

We offer a great service and we really do want to be your partners in business.  If we mess up, we will own it and make it right. “Quality and Trust” is not just a slogan here at NTS.

What has your company gone through to measure its quality?  What were the roadblocks and how did you overcome them?   The road to success is difficult. I and other readers would like to hear about your experience because we can all benefit from another’s travels on a road we are all on.

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