3 Tips to Creating a Successful Landing Page

When you start diving into the world of advertising, creating landing pages that a customer will be directed to is critical to the success of your conversion rate. The job of the landing page is to give the customer all the information they will need in order to take an action such as purchasing a product or entering their information into a form. Here are three tips to following when designing your next landing page.

Everything needs to match

When creating your landing page, keep in mind the visual elements of the ad that the user clicked on to get to your landing page. Make sure your landing page matches the ad they just saw. If you have an image that has blues and whites with a picture of dollar signs, then those same elements should be present in your landing page.

Focus on your message

Keep focused on the intent of the landing page. If you are trying to sell an electric screwdriver then your landing page should only focus on that screwdriver. Once you start promoting other products you can confuse the potential customer and lose the sale. Don’t forget they came to your site for the product you were promoting on the ad so only discuss that product on your landing page.

Keep important elements above the fold

Keep all essential elements that a user will need to convert above the virtual fold of your landing page. If the user has to scroll to convert or to look for information that is vital to the decision making process, there is a strong likelihood that the user will exit your site without converting.

Bonus Tip: Test, Test, and More Testing

Once you have finished designing and coding your landing page, make sure you take the extra step of testing everything in a useable environment. Make a checklist of all the important elements and check them off once they pass with flying colors. Some areas you should test:

  • Does the landing page match the creatives
  • Is your message Focused
  • Are the vital elements above the fold
  • How long does the page take to load
  • Are all links working properly
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