What’s your take on the Apple/Adobe Feud?

GNN_4152I don’t know about you, but watching this whole Adobe vs. Apple riff go down used to feel like a heavy weight boxing match, but now it feels a bit more like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

As a spectator (and as a web user), I have my own opinions on who’s right and who’s going to walk away the winner at the end, but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself, at least for now—everyone has an opinion, of course, but I’m more interested in getting a better sense on what this all means to developers.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran a story that tapped into the anger many developers, particularly those who develop in Flash, harbor towards Apple and its stance against the Flash platform—a seemingly stubborn (or even spiteful) one, to some.

Now, with Apple’s recent announcement that developers won’t even be able to use conversion tools when creating iPhone/iPad apps, all of this appears to be approaching a boiling point.  Apple’s decision pretty much stops Adobe’s hot new feature in Adobe Flash CS5, a Packager for iPhone, dead in its tracks, which would have allowed developers to export Flash apps into native iPhone applications.

But what about Apple’s side of the story?  Are they really being tyrannical, or are they simply protecting their platform from buggy software that could degrade user experience?  The reality is, there are some very real issues, or at least concerns, with Flash’s performance on mobile devices, and it will be interesting to see how it holds up as Android and WebOS devices begin to support it.

And is Apple really being anti-developer?  Should developers be revolting against Apple’s stance?  Perhaps not.  After all, it’s Apple who is pushing for open standards in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and H.264 on the iPhone/iPad platform, as opposed to Flash, which is closed and proprietary.  Also, let’s not forget about the avenue (or gold rush) of monetization Apple has handed to developers, almost out of thin air, when it launched the App Store.

So what are your thoughts on the Adobe/Apple war?  If you’re a developer, are you taking sides?  Take a quick moment and let us know in the comments below, and answer our poll.


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3 Responses to “What’s your take on the Apple/Adobe Feud?”

  1. I am more likely to use Silverlight and develop for Windows Phone 7….

    …and host it on CT servers :)

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  2. Thanks for your comment, Luddite. I’m a big fan of Silverlight and what Windows is doing with Phone 7 myself… can’t wait until the handsets are available.

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  3. This is an interesting one. I can’t really vote on the poll because I feel it will help developers move along with future technology, but obviously hurts Flash developers. Jobs has some interesting points, but it doesn’t change the fact that me, as a consumer and iPhone owner, can’t view half of the content on the web right now because HTML 5 is not well implemented… yet. But we’ll see. Apple successfully killed the floppy and that push forward seemed to work out pretty well. I just hope that Apple & Adobe can keep a good relationship.

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