Got NewtPay?

Rather than boring you with over-hyped marketing speak about NewtPay, our newest credit card processing solution, we’re just going to jump right into the top three reasons you should care about this new program. NewtPay serves two audiences: developers/resellers, and merchants. We’ve arranged the two groups in no particular order so as to not show any favoritism to one particular audience. Listed in order of favoritism (kidding):


3.)   NewtPay gets all of your ducks in a row (so to speak), and when combined with our shopping cart and web hosting, establishes one point of contact for your ecommerce needs. Convenience is key.

2.)   You won’t be going it alone with access to API and web services support in .NET, PHP, and more.

And the number one reason developers/resellers should consider NewtPay is…

1.)      Easy integration with most major shopping carts. You like things to be easy, right?


3.)   Are your clients new to accepting online payments? No sweat. We’ve got extremely flexible rate structures to ease them in. We can even improve upon rate structures for your clients who are already accepting online payments.

2.)   NewtPay is self-contained – meaning your clients won’t have to send customers offsite to complete transactions.

And the number one reason Merchants should consider NewtPay is…

1.)      Would your clients prefer their funds to be deposited 48 hours after transactions or 4-5 days after transaction? (That was a rhetorical question)

And if you need more reasons to check out NewtPay, we’re happy to accommodate. It’s a win-win for everyone, and requires zero effort from you. Either visit or contact a representative at 1-877-323-4678 (option 3).

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