NBS, NTS, CT Brands Understood

I’ve been hearing and reading a bit of feedback from many people, customers and staff members alike, on what we are thinking with all the names and brands that are flying around on the websites, on invoices and receipts, and now on the “community” we’re releasing. To help clear things up a bit I thought I would share my thoughts on why we have all the acronyms, what they mean, and where we’re headed with each.

I think this is best understood with a simple breadcrumb: NBS -> NTS -> CT  or Newtek Business Services -> Newtek Technology Services -> CrystalTech Web Hosting.  Most may be wondering why we have this middle brand called Newtek Technology Services (NTS).  Well, NTS is more than just CT.  It’s actually supporting many areas for technology at Newtek Business Services including all corporate internal technology, all corporation software development and other web hosting brands, including Newtek Web Hosting (NWH).

At this point in time, both CT and NWH are closely related to each other in terms of look, feel and process. The primary difference is that NWH gives NBS and other Newtek divisions the ability to enjoy the same level of hosting service and support that CT customers have enjoyed for years, just via a brand that matches the Newtek name. We do still want to offer the CT brand to our loyal CT customer base.

If you peel back the onion a bit (sorry for the cliché) you will find the same set of high quality core teams and team members you have come to know and expect, it’s just we’re now supporting all the parts of the organization. And not only is it the same set of high quality people that have always been here, we’re getting bigger and better, at least in my opinion.

So there you have it. I hope this helps clear up any confusion. If not, feel free to leave me a comment.

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2 Responses to “NBS, NTS, CT Brands Understood”

  1. Bob,

    So what is the difference between Newtek Web Hosting and CrystalTech Web Hosting?

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  2. The only real difference currently is the name or title. They are pretty much the same sites. The same plans, specs, graphics and most importantly, people.

    Hope this helps….

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