Are You Getting Your Piece of the Online Sales Holiday Pie?

I came across a blog post discussing online sales and where they fit into the overall “share of the holiday pie.” According to analysts, online sales only account for 7 to 10 percent of sales. Sure, there are probably a multitude of reasons for that, many of which are addressed in the post. The one that really stuck out to me, though, was the number one reason: security concerns.

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PA-DSS and You

Do you sell products or services online with a shopping cart application? If so, there are big changes ahead and you’ll need to be aware of what they entail. Check out the four-part interview below as Derek Curtis, Vice President of Technical Operations chats with shopping cart guru, Craig Fox, about PA-DSS, its effects on PCI Compliance and where the industry stands in terms of being ready for the change.

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Technically Speaking With… Ben Hunt

When it comes to web design, Ben Hunt of Scratch Media, values simplicity – more specifically, using pixels wisely without sacrificing appeal. He’s even written a best-selling ebook that shares tips, techniques, case studies and tutorials, all centered around the philosophy of Simple Web Design. The ebook, titled “Save the Pixel” demonstrates that by simply reducing the amount of “stuff” on the screen, designers can make web pages that are accessible, pleasant to use and more successful as a result. In this month’s “Technically Speaking With” column, Ben shares insights on SEO, common mistakes to avoid and even gives us a glimpse into his designer’s toolbox.

Newtek Technology Services: How long ago did you launch Scratchmedia and what brought you into the web design business?
Ben Hunt: I’ve consulted under the name Scratcmedia since around 1999, and we founded the agency in 2005.What I love about web design is that it’s so varied and fun – what else combines art, psychology, and language with technical problem-solving?

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Calling All Customers!

Let’s not kid ourselves: You’re pretty darn interesting. And given that you’re in the technology field, you’re intelligent, too. That’s why you host with us, and also why we want to know more about you.

You may have noticed a column in our recent newsletters called, “Technically Speaking With…,” which debuted in October and featured Scott Whitney, President of Podworx, Inc. In that issue we learned about podcasting, and since then Tim Gamory of Charity Navigator walked us through the world of non-profits, and this month, Ben Hunt of provided some expert insight into perfecting Search Engine Optimization.

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TechExec Lite and NewtPay: A Quick Overview of Two Great Programs

What’s the Common Theme with These Two Programs?
There’s something for everyone when looking at both TechExec Lite and NewtPay. Both provide benefits (discounts, recurring revenue, etc.) that only increase with each additional site you add.

NewtPay in a Nutshell:
NewtPay serves two audiences: developers/resellers, and merchants. For developers and resellers, its greatest attribute is the access to API and web services support, as well as its easy integration with most major shopping carts. For merchants, there are extremely flexible rate structures to accommodate anyone new to accepting online payments, and on top of that, funds are deposited into your primary bank account within 48 hours as opposed to 4-5 days. Add those to the fact that, unlike with competitive products from PayPal and Google, your consumers won’t have to sign up for accounts with the payment processor in order to buy products from you, and you have a robust, simple and cost effective way to accept credit cards on your site.

TechExec Lite in a Nutshell:
Simply said, TechExec Lite is the little brother to TechExec. Make no mistake though – there’s still tremendous potential with this program for recurring revenue. TechExec Lite simply focuses on the products and services web designers and developers use in their day-to-day tasks, especially when building Ecommerce sites. Keep in mind, the more sites you build, the more money you can earn. Take a look at the revenue and discount structure for the program here.

So are you taking advantage of either (or both) of these programs yet? One of our goals is to help you increase revenue, and that’s exactly what these programs are designed to do. Give us a call today at 1-877-323-4678 (option 3) and we can get you set up to capitalize on what you’re probably already doing.

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