7 Big WordPress Myths

By any standard, WordPress is a popular blogging platform. So popular, in fact, that some estimates place WordPress on over 200 million websites worldwide, several thousand of which are installed right here on Newtek servers. It’s a bona fide celebrity in the web application world.

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Technically Speaking with Cello Vergara

For this month’s “Technically Speaking With…” column, we had the pleasure of speaking with Cello Vergara, President and CEO of Propaganda3, a leading interactive production studio based out of Kansas City, MO. Be sure to check out the full interview below, as Cello had lots to share about interactive design and the emergence of mobile marketing technology. In addition, he offered some great insights about the designer/client relationship, and how he and his team approach client work.

Newtek Technology Services: When you sit down to talk with a new client, what is the first question you ask?
Cello Vergara: I ask them to tell me their story, not recount the fact sheet. The narrative of who they are, what their business is about and where they are going. Once we know the story we can have a conversation and really get to know each other. If all you get is the facts (which by the way is available on their website not matter how good or bad it is) then you miss the story. The story is what people really want to know and if you know someone’s story, the richness of our relationship with them can grow. You also learn what needs to be communicated in the project much more effectively this way.

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Official ColdFusion 9 Release

In case you didn’t hear, we officially made ColdFusion 9 hosting plans available to the public this week—I say “officially” because we’ve technically been offering CF9 for more than six months, beginning with the beta release last summer (we were also Adobe’s first sanctioned host to offer it, I might add).

This latest version has some great new features and we’re pleased to continue our fervent support of the ColdFusion community with the release.

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A Newtek Minute With…

When we asked you if you’d like to be featured in our monthly newsletter, we had no idea how quickly our inbox would fill with your eager responses, and we couldn’t be happier about it! While our slots are filled for the foreseeable future, keep your eyes on this column for the next opportunity to be included. In the meantime, let’s get to know James Eastman, of Colophon New Media, and Joel Richards of J3media Inc, a little better.

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