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Introducing a bigger, badder, greener shared SQL environment

Tech blogger Jon Stokes of ars technica observed that the term “cloud” is so overused that it now means everything and nothing all at once.
He has a point.
Depending on who you ask, “cloud” still means different things to different people. For some it means Google Apps, SalesForce.com, or even Facebook, which is to say it’s [...]

A Newtek Minute, with Cheryl Alexander

Italian Excursion, which offers small-group guided tours through Italy, Tuscany, Umbria, and northern Lazio, focuses on showing you a region of the country that is less frequently traveled. Part of the tour includes a trip to a 4,000 year old Etruscan village, wine tasting and food pairing at a traditional organic winery, and even a visit to Bolsena, the peninsula’s largest (and cleanest) volcanic lake, where the seven-hundred year old Castle of Bolsena overlooks the water.

Custom Hosting: Ask us, we might surprise you

Here’s something you might not know about: We offer custom hosting solutions.

How gift cards can help your small business grow

As the Los Angeles Times recently put it, gift cards aren’t just for the big boys anymore. Small businesses are starting to reap the benefits as well.

Microsoft Looks to Attract New Web Developers with WebMatrix

If you haven’t yet heard, Microsoft recently released the first beta of WebMatrix, a light-weight (and free) software stack that provides everything you need to start building websites using Windows.

‘SmartPhone’ or ‘Smart Phone’: Optimizing Word Usage for SEO

Should Smartphone be spelled as one word or two?

Easy As Pie: The Web App Gallery Tool In Action

This article showcases our just-announced integration of Microsoft’s Web App Gallery within the WebControlCenter.  Be sure to check out our major announcement about the gallery here for full details.
I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again:  Here at Newtek, we like making things easier for our customers—whether it’s new supported products, tools, or [...]

Our Gift to You: 22 Free DotNet & PHP Web Apps at Your Fingertips

Today, we’re announcing another new feature—and this is a big one: Integration of Microsoft’s Web App Gallery.

A Newtek Minute, with Justin Holman

Justin, who is a web applications developer by day, gives us a little insight on how he finds time for Las VegASH TV, the importance of being passionate about the content you create, and why he chooses to host with us.