‘SmartPhone’ or ‘Smart Phone’: Optimizing Word Usage for SEO

Should Smartphone be spelled as one word or two?

Should it be E-mail, e-mail, or email?

Is it better to say “.NET” or “DotNet” on that landing page you created to advertise your development services?

Whatever anyone tells you, there’s not really a right or wrong answer for any of these.

Like it or not, word usage on the web is elastic, and you might be writing your website off the front page of key word search if you don’t keep a progressive attitude about the English language when creating web content.

For terms that can differ in common usage on the web, like “smartphone,” you might want to base your decision on what would improve your SEO.

If, for example, you sell mobile phones on your website—or create content for a customer selling mobile phones on their website—consider this:

According to Google (at the time of writing this post) there are approximately 6.1 million global searches every month for “smartphone” versus 1.5 million for “smart phone.”

If you offer .NET development services:

There are 110 thousand monthly searches for “.NET development” versus 13 hundred for “DotNet development.”

If you offer email marketing services:

There are 1.2 million monthly searches for “email marketing” versus 110 thousand for “e mail marketing” (Google will ignore the dash).

As you can see, while standard usage guides (like the AP Style guide) might tell you that email should be spelled with a dash between the “E” and “mail,” everyday folks—potential customers with money to spend—are searching “email.”

Now, as many of you might already know, SEO is a tricky business, and it takes much more than adjusting word usage to optimize your website and get it listed on that magical first page.

However, remember that SEO is more than just the backend (meta tags, descriptions, etc.).  When search engine bots visit your page, and try to understand your site’s content, you’re giving yourself a better chance to get found if your copy reflects what people are searching for.

Have anything to add?  Let us know about your experiences writing for the web or SEO in the comments below.


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