Ain’t No Party Like A Newtek Party

Zi6_0087The Halloween spirit settled on the Newtek office today, and the employees showed an impressive commitment to character. Gracing the aisles were blood-spattered doctors, Greek goddesses, Flash-dancing 80’s icons, A-Teamers, farmers, flappers, freakshows and even an incredibly gutsy (or read that risk-taker) Bob Cichon look-alike.

By the looks of the break room, lined with tables of sugary, ultra-frosted cakes, Zi6_0116cupcakes and brownies, we were all headed for an extreme sugar overload.

But a good ole’ barbeque (compliments of the master griller/President Bob Cichon) kept the belly-aches at bay. Hebrew Nationals, Polish sausages, mammoth burgers and even veggie burgers were served up for a hungry crew. Zi6_0098

It was a day of camaraderie, trick-or-treating, costume competitions and even teamwork. (Let’s just say there was an incident that involved a tech support agent – we’ll call him Anthony – who’d never worn overalls before. They were a bit snug in the shoulders and were riding a little high as a result until Andy came to the rescue.)

One thing is for sure…when it comes to Halloween, we know how to throw a fun party…and pack away a lot of junk food. Now then…who brought the Pepto??


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