Tomorrow’s Technology: Feeding the Future

If you are reading this blog, you are either a “techie” or at least have an interest/need for keeping up with technology. Suffice it to say, there is more to staying in the loop than just reading. Ergo, you need sustenance.

Techies love all sorts of things to snack on. They love Flaming Hot Funyons, pizza (when the office buys), wings, oatmeal, and the joy associated with washing down all such delicacies with prolific amounts of soda pop, Rockstar, and Monster. That being said, any good blog team would be remiss (and catch copious amounts of flak from any tech staff) should they fail to mention the food species (or is it “genus?”) that come wrapped in giant flour tortillas.

So what are the points of differentiation that set culinary cousins “The Wrap” and “The Burrito” apart?

We asked Newtek Technology Marketing Assistant Casey Kaczmarowski (also the 2012 points winner of the intra-office weekly football pick ‘em) for his thoughts regarding this hot-button item of contention.

“It the style of wrapping,” he surmised, “The burrito is fully enclosed while you can see some of a wrap’s ingredients as they are typically open-ended, at least, on one side.”

Most within earshot agreed until this question was posed, “Okay, say you took the ingredients from the McDonalds chicken wrap and had the burrito maker at Armando’s (one of our favorite Arizona office neighbors) make it?”

“Then it’s a burrito,” Casey admitted frankly. “Yeah, it’s a burrito. Definitely.”

Along the same lines, if the Carne Asada ingredients from Armando’s were packed up and carried across the street to McDonalds and then given to their wrap twister, the answer begins to blur. Again, we looked to Casey for some definition.

“Well it’s definitely not a McWrap, that’s for sure. It can’t be, because you are missing the fundamentals. But, if we are trying to ascertain whether or not this Ghostbusteresque “crossing of the streams” is a wrap or a burrito, I would have to go with …”

Casey stopped. The young man looked up and sighed, “God, this is tough. Some major analysis has to be done.”

We gave Casey the time necessary to recede into the depths of his mind, body, and soul; to effectually enter the realm of a tortilla singularity.

“It’s a wrap.” And though the undeniable look of sadness failed to dissipate, he reiterated, “it’s a wrap.”

And so is this blog post.

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