And the Feel Good Performance of the Year Goes to…the Small Business Community?

Maybe I’m just giddy with anticipation about the Oscar season, but I have a feeling that we’re all due for some feel-good news, starring the small business community.

What do I mean by that? It’s probably fair to say that when it comes to the economy, most of us would like to forget 2009 ever happened. There’s a shift taking shape, though. In the cinema, it’s what they call the ‘turning point,’ and there are some very capable folks pulling for the small business community from behind the camera lens. One of the strongest advocates is sitting in the Oval Office.

When this feel-good film started to play in my mind, I saw a sequence of images. First, I started to think about all of the small business owners across the country that were forced to close their doors, as I witnessed firsthand when I discovered many of my favorite Phoenix spots were no longer open. (RIP Lisa G Wine Bar. I miss you daily.)

But then I remembered all of the other stories of business owners that showed remarkable resiliency in the face of a nearly impossible situation. Owners who took pay cuts themselves just to keep their staff employed one more day. Owners who stuck with it despite a lack of foot traffic because the next customer could be right around the corner. Or those who showed tremendous courage by not letting bad timing squash their dreams of opening a business that ignited their passions.

If you’ve seen Rudy, Seabiscuit, The Blind Side or any of the other Hollywood gems that can brighten any gloomy day, you know where I’m headed with this. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. No one is. But the outlook for small businesses in 2010 is an optimistic one.

Newtek CEO and Chairman Barry Sloane recently spoke with Fox Business News’ Rebecca Diamond about what it’s going to take to dig the SMB community out of this hole. In addition to optimism, it’s going to take a little bit of guts, too. But the cash flow is coming back.

Take a look at the interview here:

So who else is ready to watch this feel-good flick unfold? Are you going to take advantage of a reinvigorated lending market? Planning to seek out an SBA loan? Let’s chat about what’s ahead for those of you on the front lines. We want to help you succeed in 2010!

P.S. Can someone please pass the popcorn?

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