Newtek Embraces Brave New Social World

social media bandwagonFor those of you who have hosted with us for a long while, you may notice some big changes around here – socially speaking. For those of you that are new to our world, please ignore our past wallflowerish tendencies and pretend that we’ve always been this socially advanced.

You’re a savvy individual and likely notice the marketing practices and overall presence of companies and brands you patronize. Certainly some brands stand out for their social presence more than others – Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Zappos, Google, etc. When something happens at those companies, everyone knows about it because they’re engaged in traditional media as well as every facet of social media – more and more of which emerge daily.

So what was the hold up? Why are we a little more than fashionably late in getting down with our social friends? Probably for the same reason your family can’t decide on where to take the big vacation this year, or why your dad refuses to get a Facebook account, or why Seinfeld and Neumann never saw eye to eye. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but it did take a bit of cajoling to get everyone on board.

The rationale that won over everyone was pretty crystal clear and ultimately settled the debate…we want to know you better. Other factors included:

  • We want to be pen pals, meaning – we want to hear back from you and get your perspective on things.
  • We want you to be the first to know when new things are happening here – in the age of Twitter, information is instantaneous. As soon as we know something, you’ll know, too.
  • (Disclaimer – this entry is authored by a communications staffer) Honestly – a few folks in the communications, marketing and tech support departments wouldn’t shut up about it. Clearly, those select employees are reeking with brilliance.
  • We want to be a resource to you – not simply a peddler of products. We value this relationship more than that, and hope you’ll enjoy the educational material we plan to post.
  • Hey…social media paved the way to the White House for Obama – must be fail-proof, right?

So, in a nutshell…we’re social now! Keep an eye on this blog in the future. In between the blog, our Twitter accounts (@CrystalTechWeb and @NewtekWeb),  forums and Facebook pages (CrystalTech and Newtek Web Hosting), we think it’s safe to say that our relationship is finally taking the next step, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Stay tuned and don’t be afraid to holler back!

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2 Responses to “Newtek Embraces Brave New Social World”

  1. Welcome aboard the social media train CT. Now that your here how about adding some easy to roll out social media tools to the shared hosting accounts? Wordpress would be a great start.

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  2. Hi Brent. Thanks for the comment – great suggestion. We are in the process of making many things easier for customers to use, and your feedback is helpful. I’ll certainly float it out there for discussion. :)

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