What Does Your Company Culture Look Like?

Company culture is a beautiful thing, but often seems like a vague, empty term that’s easier to mention than actually illustrate.

It’s a great question to ask in a job interview if you can’t think of anything else clever to ask:

Do you have any questions for me, Intrepid Interviewee?

(Long pause as the interviewee frantically implores themselves to think of something…think of ANYTHING!)

Ah, okay…Mr. Interviewer, how would you describe the company culture at Company X?

And let’s not forget that it’s a fun term to throw around at networking events:

We’ve got a great company culture at Company X: fun staff, smart programmers, blah, blah, blah…

Social media presents a great opportunity to demystify your company culture, and really pull back the curtain. Essentially, it’s a chance to personify your company.

We’ve recently started to employ social media to give you all a look at the employees and leaders that make us successful. In addition to delivering solid products and service, it’s also important to establish an element that humanizes your brand. And the best part? It’s a whole lot of fun, and oh-so-easy for any organization to implement.

Tip #1: Twitpic.com get to know it

Do you have a camera? Do you have a company Twitter account? Do your employees sometimes launch nerf balls into the air, or settle disputes with a spirited hula hoop competition? Good. You’re a prime candidate for a Twitpic account. Case in point:


Now set up an account and let the shenanigans begin.

Tip #2: Facebook – all the kids (and companies) are on it! (Not to mention your old 6th grade lab partner that used to pick his nose before touching the shared beaker)

While Twitpic creates the opportunity for intermittent real-time snapshots of your company culture, the photo album feature on Facebook is where you can elaborate on the visual story. Did your employees dress up for Halloween? Post those photos. Did your team recently attend a conference or seminar? That’s right. Upload those bad boys. It’s just that easy. Bonus points for funny captions….like this one:

Why use scissors when a butcher knife will do the trick...and deliver a strong subliminal message to unproductive employees

Why use scissors when a butcher knife will do the trick...and deliver a strong subliminal message to unproductive employees

Tip #3: Vimeo (or YouTube) – Why should Tarantino have all the fun? (NOTE: This method is admittedly more difficult. The video embedded below was our 9th 32nd attempt at launching the first of our videos. We’re hoping the “Out of the Office” series (seen below) will provide a more personal glimpse of the leadership here at NTS. And for me, it’s apparently an opportunity to showcase the depths I’m willing to sink to for a laugh, such as the “Happy Gilmore” running golf swing approach. I immediately regretted doing that on camera.

Out of the Office with Derek Curtis from Newtek Technology Services on Vimeo.

So there you have it. Two easy (and one slightly more advanced) ways you can pull back your own company curtain.

Please feel free to post links to your own corporate photos, video – really, whatever you do to illustrate your culture – below.

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