Backroom Customer Service

I’d get a pull request on my little handheld device, which closely resembled a Star Trek phaser gun, and I’d fill the requested merchandise into something we called a tub, then push that tub out onto the purgatorium where the backroom opened up into the bright, intimidating sales floor. This was as far as us backroom guys were willing to go. In fact, we avoided the sales floor whenever possible.

DIYPR Part Two – Try Your Hand at Journalism

Welcome to Part Two of the DIYPR series, where we discuss the next level of self promotion, whether it be for your personal business, your design firm or perhaps you were suddenly bestowed with the responsibility to “get the word out” about your company.

Google Sidewiki is Here…Roll Out the Welcome Mat

A few weeks ago, you may have seen a blog post discussing the building momentum behind social media. Well, that snowball just got really big really fast. If you’ve been holding off on engaging in social media because it makes you too vulnerable, guess what…you’re social now!

Twitter…what’s the point?

Oh Twitter. Talk about an acquired taste. Some things in life are so incredibly easy to love immediately (for me, the Mocha Freeze at Dutch Brothers), while others take a little more patience and time, and in the case of Twitter – a bit of peer pressure.

Newtek Embraces Brave New Social World

For those of you who have hosted with us for a long while, you may notice some big changes around here – socially speaking. For those of you that are new to our world, please ignore our past wallflowerish tendencies and pretend that we’ve always been this socially advanced.

the Internet Versus Hog Futures

My grandparents’ kitchen was THE place when I was growing up. A seat at the table was a place of honor, especially in the early evening when folks would stop by for coffee. In southern Iowa things move a bit more slowly than in other areas of the country. In Unionville, population 25, this is especially true.