Spotlight: Digital Attic

For our first customer Spotlight, where we showcase a customer who we’ve worked with to build out a custom hosting configuration, we had a chance to speak with Troy Vasquez, Vice President of Digital Attic.

Adobe MAX 2009 Round Up

What happens when over four thousand of some of the world’s best designers and developers congregate in Los Angeles for a week—with Luke Skywalker and John Mayer in attendance?  A whole lot of fun.  Well, I wasn’t there, but I’m going to guess that was the case.  Good thing for you and I both, we [...]

Thirst for knowledge or just wetting your whistle?

Interesting discussion going on at Fuel Your Creativity. The difference of learning or being taught. I’m not sure if there’s a difference in the actual acts of each, but the willingness to learn.
Back in the mid-nineties (it feels weird to say “back in the” when talking about the 90’s. Were they really so long [...]

WordPress and the Disgruntled Designer

New project. New blog. New technologies. No clue. Struggles aplenty as I attempt to create our new blog. Watch me battle PHP, WordPress, CSS, Twitter, browsers, tigers & bears. Oh my!