Split Test Your Way To Better Results: 3 Key Items to Test

If you are engaging in email marketing but not seeing the results that you were hoping for, you probably need to change some aspect of your email. But what could be the problem? This is where Split Testing, aka A/B Testing, can help.

What a Frilled Lizard Can Teach Us About Business (3 Easy Ways to Make your Business Look Bigger & More Credible)

Here’s 3 easy ways your small business can be like the Frilled Lizard.

Take that, Spam!

As a midyear project, we wanted to determine the most common request/feedback we get from customers through our various support channels—phone, email, live chat, and even the public forum—and do what we needed to do from a technical support and server operations standpoint to address whatever that issue might be.

It was quickly apparent that one of the most common items had to do with spam, mainly the amount of it that was finding its way to customer inboxes.