A WordPress Attack You Should Know About (and how to protect yourself)

Earlier this month reports began to surface that a large-scale attack was executed against WordPress sites (along with some other popular PHP applications) hosted on shared servers across a number of hosting providers.

Cooking with Newtek: Introducing the Windows Dedicated/VPS Cookbook

We’ve put together a few recipes that will provide you with the basic groundwork to serve up a web presence on a dedicated or virtual private server. And when I say a basic groundwork, I mean step-by-step instructions on how to set up the services you might also expect in a shared Windows environment: a website in IIS, DNS, site analytics, email, and FTP access. The notable differences here from shared hosting being you have full admin access to the box and the entirety of its listed hardware resources to do as you need or see fit.

the Internet Versus Hog Futures

My grandparents’ kitchen was THE place when I was growing up. A seat at the table was a place of honor, especially in the early evening when folks would stop by for coffee. In southern Iowa things move a bit more slowly than in other areas of the country. In Unionville, population 25, this is especially true.