Introducing a bigger, badder, greener shared SQL environment

Tech blogger Jon Stokes of ars technica observed that the term “cloud” is so overused that it now means everything and nothing all at once.
He has a point.
Depending on who you ask, “cloud” still means different things to different people. For some it means Google Apps,, or even Facebook, which is to say it’s [...]

Cooking with WebsitePanel

Like our original cookbook, the point of WebsitePanel–or, at least, why we love it–is that it will make the lives of dedicated and VPS customers easier. Now, all through a web-based control panel, you’ll be able to create custom made hosting plans and price them how you see fit, create websites without touching IIS, or FTP accounts without ever touching FileZilla, create full-blown mail accounts, manage customer billing, and much, much more.

5 reasons we love ColdFusion 9

If you haven’t taken a look at what CF9 is all about yet, we’ve put together 5 of the top things we love about it.

Cooking with Newtek: Introducing the Windows Dedicated/VPS Cookbook

We’ve put together a few recipes that will provide you with the basic groundwork to serve up a web presence on a dedicated or virtual private server. And when I say a basic groundwork, I mean step-by-step instructions on how to set up the services you might also expect in a shared Windows environment: a website in IIS, DNS, site analytics, email, and FTP access. The notable differences here from shared hosting being you have full admin access to the box and the entirety of its listed hardware resources to do as you need or see fit.

May the Force be with you at Adobe MAX: How Luke Skywalker can win you a Free ColdFusion server

In honor of our fandom of Mr. Hamill and all things Star Wars, we’ve come up with a pretty big giveaway for anyone who manages to get a picture of themselves with Luke Skywalker at Adobe MAX.