What’s your take on the Apple/Adobe Feud?

The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran a story that tapped into the anger many developers, particularly those who develop in Flash, harbor towards Apple and its stance against the Flash platform—a seemingly stubborn (or even spiteful) one, to some.

What the Windows Phone 7 Series means to web developers

Just as the growing popularity of Apple’s line of Mac computers coincided with the growth and popularity of web applications—and largely dampening Microsoft’s huge Windows/PC “app” advantage—the Windows Phone UI enhancements could make it a winner when the dust settles.

There’s a Web App for that?

Someone find me a DeLorean. Two years ago I inexplicably renewed my cell phone contract without having an ounce of foresight. Sure, the iPhone had just made its debut earlier that year—at a whopping $499—but I went ahead and purchased what anthropologist now refer to as a “flip phone,” instead. These clam-like instruments were popular, apparently, around the turn of the century, as were “paperback” books and devices connected by “wire.”

Do Clothes (or Apps) Make the Man?

Feathers have been ruffled this week in the highly competitive mobile device world, positioning the iPhone and the Droid in a head-on battle. The burning question of the moment? Do applications make the device, or is success based more on the platform itself?

Adobe MAX 2009 Round Up

What happens when over four thousand of some of the world’s best designers and developers congregate in Los Angeles for a week—with Luke Skywalker and John Mayer in attendance?  A whole lot of fun.  Well, I wasn’t there, but I’m going to guess that was the case.  Good thing for you and I both, we [...]