A WordPress Attack You Should Know About (and how to protect yourself)

Earlier this month reports began to surface that a large-scale attack was executed against WordPress sites (along with some other popular PHP applications) hosted on shared servers across a number of hosting providers.

Can I get sued for that?

With the large investment typically involved with starting and maintaining a brick-and-mortar operation, acquiring adequate business insurance is pretty obvious. People slip and fall. People spill hot coffee on themselves. There’s a physicality involved

5 Steps your Business Should Take Right Now to Protect Against ‘Banking Trojans’ and other Malware

According to the FBI, hackers targeting small businesses, non-profits, and other small organizations have attempted to make off with about $100 million in fraudulent transfers so far. It’s getting bad enough that both the feds and the American Banking Association are now advising businesses to use a completely separate PC just to do online banking with.