‘SmartPhone’ or ‘Smart Phone’: Optimizing Word Usage for SEO

Should Smartphone be spelled as one word or two?

3 Tips to Creating a Successful Landing Page

When you start diving into the world of advertising, creating landing pages that a customer will be directed to is critical to the success of your conversion rate. The job of the landing page is to give the customer all the information they will need in order to take an action such as purchasing a product or entering their information into a form. Here are three tips to following when designing your next landing page.

Technically Speaking, with Frank DePino

For this month’s Technically Speaking column, we had the pleasure of speaking with Frank DePino, President and Founder of mediaBOOM, a Webby Award winning interactive agency based out of Guilford, Connecticut.

Split Test Your Way To Better Results: 3 Key Items to Test

If you are engaging in email marketing but not seeing the results that you were hoping for, you probably need to change some aspect of your email. But what could be the problem? This is where Split Testing, aka A/B Testing, can help.

Technically Speaking With…Drew Mehl

For this month’s Technically Speaking column, we spoke with Drew Mehl, Principal and Creative Director of Binary Pulse. Check inside to see what Drew had to say about social media and marketing integration, the emergence of mobile marketing practices and…corneal implants??

Technically Speaking With…Scott Whitney

Is podcasting for you? Should you give corporate videos a shot? We spoke with customer and podcasting/video guru Scott Whitney to find out.

Google Sidewiki is Here…Roll Out the Welcome Mat

A few weeks ago, you may have seen a blog post discussing the building momentum behind social media. Well, that snowball just got really big really fast. If you’ve been holding off on engaging in social media because it makes you too vulnerable, guess what…you’re social now!

Get a Bigger Hammer, Part 2

My last post (see Get a Bigger Hammer) discussed needing the right tool for the job, regardless of whether it’s a traditional tool like a hammer or saw, or something more Web 3.0 like augmented reality browsers. I also mentioned how we use 3 easy questions as the basis for decisions, to set the tone [...]

WebsiteSpark Launch Good News for Small Web Design Shops

As of yesterday, Newtek Technology Services officially became a web hosting partner for the newly launched Microsoft WebsiteSpark program. We spoke with Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelist Keithe Williams about the program, focusing on the most notable highlights. We also asked him to make a case for why designers and developers should give it a try.

There’s a Giant Snowball Headed Your Way

I ran across a post in our forums, and was glad to see the discussion started. It’s a question almost every company/entity/individual has to ask these days as business practices are steadily becoming more social: “Should I have a presence on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/Linked In, etc.?”