Newtek In Numbers [Infographic]

Here’s some fascinating stats from your favorite technology and business services provider.

How to Avoid Unexpected or Hidden Merchant Processing Fees

Here’s the ugly truth: Because there are so many different rates and fees involved in having a merchant account, some businesses end up paying more than they expected.

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Lessons from an old, wise neighbor

For Gil, running a business was messy, overly complicated, and took up too much of his time—time he could be spending on his art. And when I think of this now, I can’t help but think about how many of my colleagues and friends today in the web development field share this same sentiment.

Be A Hero To Your Clients: Avoid The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was a learning staple for any child of the 80’s. Perhaps, even in adulthood and the world of ecommerce, there are still lessons to be learned.