Introducing a bigger, badder, greener shared SQL environment

Tech blogger Jon Stokes of ars technica observed that the term “cloud” is so overused that it now means everything and nothing all at once.
He has a point.
Depending on who you ask, “cloud” still means different things to different people. For some it means Google Apps,, or even Facebook, which is to say it’s [...]

Microsoft Looks to Attract New Web Developers with WebMatrix

If you haven’t yet heard, Microsoft recently released the first beta of WebMatrix, a light-weight (and free) software stack that provides everything you need to start building websites using Windows.

Becoming Your Own Web Host Has Never Been Easier

One of the biggest benefits WebsitePanel brings to the table, in concert with some of our other key services, is that it’s now easier than ever to become your own web host.

What the Windows Phone 7 Series means to web developers

Just as the growing popularity of Apple’s line of Mac computers coincided with the growth and popularity of web applications—and largely dampening Microsoft’s huge Windows/PC “app” advantage—the Windows Phone UI enhancements could make it a winner when the dust settles.

Do Clothes (or Apps) Make the Man?

Feathers have been ruffled this week in the highly competitive mobile device world, positioning the iPhone and the Droid in a head-on battle. The burning question of the moment? Do applications make the device, or is success based more on the platform itself?

Best Week EVER for .NETters

What’s new in the world of .NET this week? Software Development Manager, Chris Johnson, shares with us what he’s excited about from a development standpoint.


Newtek Web Hosting – the Web hosting division of Newtek Technology Services a Newtek Business Services, Inc. company (NASDAQ: NEWT) – today announced its strategic relationship with Microsoft Corp. in rolling out the Microsoft WebsiteSpark Program.

WebsiteSpark Launch Good News for Small Web Design Shops

As of yesterday, Newtek Technology Services officially became a web hosting partner for the newly launched Microsoft WebsiteSpark program. We spoke with Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelist Keithe Williams about the program, focusing on the most notable highlights. We also asked him to make a case for why designers and developers should give it a try.