Our Gift to You: 22 Free DotNet & PHP Web Apps at Your Fingertips

Today, we’re announcing another new feature—and this is a big one: Integration of Microsoft’s Web App Gallery.

Cooking with WebsitePanel

Like our original cookbook, the point of WebsitePanel–or, at least, why we love it–is that it will make the lives of dedicated and VPS customers easier. Now, all through a web-based control panel, you’ll be able to create custom made hosting plans and price them how you see fit, create websites without touching IIS, or FTP accounts without ever touching FileZilla, create full-blown mail accounts, manage customer billing, and much, much more.

Benchmarking Visual Studio Performance: One Developer’s Experience, Part II

On the edge of your seat awaiting the results of our lead programmer’s quest to identify ways to improve the performance of Visual Studio? After four separate tests he was able to uncover a solid solution.

Got NewtPay?

There are many reasons to consider our newest credit card processing solution, but we’ve boiled it down to the top three.

Best Week EVER for .NETters

What’s new in the world of .NET this week? Software Development Manager, Chris Johnson, shares with us what he’s excited about from a development standpoint.