What do you believe is the most important issue your business faces today? [Survey]

Take our latest small business survey and see how your response matches up with other business owners.

How gift cards can help your small business grow

As the Los Angeles Times recently put it, gift cards aren’t just for the big boys anymore. Small businesses are starting to reap the benefits as well.

Is Your Small Business Socially Engaged?

According to a recent study, 2009 was the year that small businesses really started to understand the value of adopting social media. Is your business socially engaged?

What a Frilled Lizard Can Teach Us About Business (3 Easy Ways to Make your Business Look Bigger & More Credible)

Here’s 3 easy ways your small business can be like the Frilled Lizard.

Fox Business News Happy Hour with Rebecca Diamond and Barry Sloane

Newtek Business Services CEO and Chairman Barry Sloane recently spoke with Rebecca Diamond on Fox Business News Happy Hour.

Five Questions to Ask Your Merchant Processing Provider Before Signing On

Whether you’re providing services to your clients, or are yourself a small business owner, selecting the right merchant processing plan will weigh heavily on 2010 growth. In the interest of narrowing your search options efficiently, we’ve identified five questions you need to ask before selecting your merchant services provider.

5 Steps your Business Should Take Right Now to Protect Against ‘Banking Trojans’ and other Malware

According to the FBI, hackers targeting small businesses, non-profits, and other small organizations have attempted to make off with about $100 million in fraudulent transfers so far. It’s getting bad enough that both the feds and the American Banking Association are now advising businesses to use a completely separate PC just to do online banking with.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Small Business Owner

I came across this article discussing New Year’s resolutions for the small business owner. The collective list is incredibly insightful given the current economic climate and the rebuilding goals for the New Year.

Football and the Economic Recovery

How do a struggling high school football team and the most devastating financial crisis in our lifetime complement each other? Well, “the Streak” turned into “the Recovery” – for both.

WebsiteSpark Launch Good News for Small Web Design Shops

As of yesterday, Newtek Technology Services officially became a web hosting partner for the newly launched Microsoft WebsiteSpark program. We spoke with Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelist Keithe Williams about the program, focusing on the most notable highlights. We also asked him to make a case for why designers and developers should give it a try.