The Lowdown on Small Business Lending with Peter Downs (Part 1)

We recently spoke with Newtek’s President of Business Lending, Peter Downs, about small businesses and the state of small business lending. This is part one of a two-part interview.

Fox Business News Happy Hour with Rebecca Diamond and Barry Sloane

Newtek Business Services CEO and Chairman Barry Sloane recently spoke with Rebecca Diamond on Fox Business News Happy Hour.

And the Feel Good Performance of the Year Goes to…the Small Business Community?

Maybe I’m just giddy with anticipation about the Oscar season, but I have a feeling that we’re all due for some feel-good news, starring the small business community.

2010: The Rise of the Small Business

If you’re an NPR junky like myself, or have even skimmed any newspaper or online news site, you already know that there’s been a great deal of “soft” urging (and by soft, I mean intense, but in a tough love kind of way) by the White House, prompting financial institutions to take a second look at small business loans.