There’s a Web App for that?

Someone find me a DeLorean. Two years ago I inexplicably renewed my cell phone contract without having an ounce of foresight. Sure, the iPhone had just made its debut earlier that year—at a whopping $499—but I went ahead and purchased what anthropologist now refer to as a “flip phone,” instead. These clam-like instruments were popular, apparently, around the turn of the century, as were “paperback” books and devices connected by “wire.”

Get a Bigger Hammer, Part 2

My last post (see Get a Bigger Hammer) discussed needing the right tool for the job, regardless of whether it’s a traditional tool like a hammer or saw, or something more Web 3.0 like augmented reality browsers. I also mentioned how we use 3 easy questions as the basis for decisions, to set the tone [...]

WebsiteSpark Launch Good News for Small Web Design Shops

As of yesterday, Newtek Technology Services officially became a web hosting partner for the newly launched Microsoft WebsiteSpark program. We spoke with Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelist Keithe Williams about the program, focusing on the most notable highlights. We also asked him to make a case for why designers and developers should give it a try.

Twitter…what’s the point?

Oh Twitter. Talk about an acquired taste. Some things in life are so incredibly easy to love immediately (for me, the Mocha Freeze at Dutch Brothers), while others take a little more patience and time, and in the case of Twitter – a bit of peer pressure.