3 Tips to Creating a Successful Landing Page

When you start diving into the world of advertising, creating landing pages that a customer will be directed to is critical to the success of your conversion rate. The job of the landing page is to give the customer all the information they will need in order to take an action such as purchasing a product or entering their information into a form. Here are three tips to following when designing your next landing page.

Technically Speaking, with Frank DePino

For this month’s Technically Speaking column, we had the pleasure of speaking with Frank DePino, President and Founder of mediaBOOM, a Webby Award winning interactive agency based out of Guilford, Connecticut.

Introducing Newtek SiteCenter

We did something a little sneaky recently and we’d like to come clean about it, right here on our blog.

Can I get sued for that?

With the large investment typically involved with starting and maintaining a brick-and-mortar operation, acquiring adequate business insurance is pretty obvious. People slip and fall. People spill hot coffee on themselves. There’s a physicality involved

Technically Speaking With…Ben Hunt

When it comes to web design, Ben Hunt of Scratch Media, values simplicity – more specifically, using pixels wisely without sacrificing appeal. In this month’s “Technically Speaking With” column, Ben shares insights on SEO, common mistakes to avoid and even gives us a glimpse into his designer’s toolbox.