A WordPress Attack You Should Know About (and how to protect yourself)

Earlier this month reports began to surface that a large-scale attack was executed against WordPress sites (along with some other popular PHP applications) hosted on shared servers across a number of hosting providers.

Selling ad space getting a little tough? Sell T-Shirts!

For content-driven websites, or even content in print, for that matter, monetization is typically limited to advertising—the selling of ad space. This model, however, leaves businesses at the mercy of a fickle advertising market, which has been in a substantial recession since last spring.

Can I get sued for that?

With the large investment typically involved with starting and maintaining a brick-and-mortar operation, acquiring adequate business insurance is pretty obvious. People slip and fall. People spill hot coffee on themselves. There’s a physicality involved

Don’t pull a Rolling Stone!

Last week, reports began to surface that the good folks at rollingstone.com—yes, the Rolling Stone—forgot to renew their domain name.