An Inside look at Data Recovery – Q&A with Amy Henderson

BIG_serverlifepreserver2Hardware failure, viruses, catastrophic disaster, human error… what’s the common thread in this list? All present a serious risk to sensitive data, and could potentially bring any unprotected company to a standstill. Amy Henderson, our i365 partner and data recovery liaison, is all too familiar with the elements that pose a threat to business-critical data.  In this day and age, it’s unrealistic to expect that data will be safe from loss or attack without employing at least some method of data safeguarding. Which is why it’s surprising that approximately 40 percent of companies do not have resources dedicated to disaster recovery. We spoke with Amy to find out not only what threats exist, but also what business owners can do to protect themselves.

Newtek Technology Services:
What is the difference between “data backup” services and what people consider “data storage,” or is there a difference?

Amy Henderson:
Everyone stores data (whether it’s storing an email in an archive folder, saving an Excel or Word document to their PC or storing data to an external hard drive.) This is all considered “data storage.”  “Data backup” on the other hand is a repeatable process in which amounts of mission critical data are routinely backed up and held in a secure offsite location so in the event of a site disaster, the company’s or individual’s data is protected.

For those not currently employing a data recovery/security solution, what is one of the most prevalent threats to be aware of?

Without a secure data protection plan in place, businesses leave themselves vulnerable to hackers gaining a “back door” into their data allowing them to retrieve customer account information, credit card numbers as well as private company information. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse estimates that more than 94 million personal records were exposed in security breaches between February 2005 and now.

What’s the one thing businesses should keep top-of-mind when developing a data recovery plan?

In the event of a disaster, businesses should always ask themselves, “Where is my data and how quickly can I recover it in order to resume operations?” More importantly, they should also consider the financial impact to their business every minute they are without their mission critical data.

According to Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, 80 percent of businesses will be off of tape within the next 10 years. Why do you think that is, and why would you advocate for disk-based backup?

There are many problems with traditional tape solutions including: slower backup and recovery speeds, manual intervention required to get the data offsite, human error and no quick 24×7 access to data for recovery.  Moving to disk-to-disk technology eliminates these issues as well as the need for equipment upgrades.  Furthermore, it enables business to have access to their data from anywhere, reduces the backup window, and provides secure transfer of their data through 256 bit AES encryption technology.

With large projects, it’s always nice to back up data as you go while the application is still running. Is live back-up an option with the services we currently offer?

Absolutely.  Because we compress the data being sent, the backup process takes less time and puts minimal pressure on the bandwidth so clients can continue backing up with applications still running.  In addition, our deduplication technology saves storage space.  This is important because data within organizations is growing at a very fast rate.

Today’s workforce is an increasingly mobile one. Can users run data backup while on-the-go with their mobile devices? (ie. laptop, smartphone, etc.)

Yes, clients can manage their data from any location via a web-based console.

What is the advantage of housing data in an offsite storage location?

The main advantage of housing data offsite is that in the event of a site disaster, businesses can rest assured that their data is protected and accessible from any location in order to keep their business running.

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