Coming Soon: DotNetPanel for Dedicated, VPS

Hosting ControlYou know what I like?  I like it when things are easier.  And I especially love tools that make my life easier.

Who wouldn’t second that notion?

Our customers would, of course, which is rarely more apparent than with dedicated/VPS hosting.  Let’s face it, managing a server—whether you’re using a virtual server or on dedicated hardware—isn’t exactly a piece of cake.  And any tools that make the task of setting up, managing, and maintaining a web server easier is something our customers ask for and suggest regularly.

This is why we recently put together our much-welcomed Windows Dedicated/VPS Cookbook to make server setup—creating a site in IIS7, configuring DNS & FTP, and installing SmarterMail & Stats—a bit easier for our customers.

And this is also why we’ll soon be introducing DotNetPanel as part of our standard set of features on all Windows dedicated and virtual private server plans.

Choosing a control panel

Years ago, when we first began offering hosting services, there were far fewer options when it came to purchasing a web hosting control panel for the Windows environment.  For this reason, we built our own—from the ground up.  We needed a solution that worked seamlessly with our hosting specifications and requirements.  This eventually became the WebControlCenter, which you might be familiar with if you have a shared hosting account with us.

In the same vein, we wanted to find a control panel that worked best with our dedicated and VPS environments, and for what our customers generally use our servers for—which is to say we needed to find a control panel that would make it easier for our customers to provide hosting services to their own clients.

For these reasons, we chose DotNetPanel.  Not only did it perform well in our own testing, but it was built from the ground up for the Windows environment, and integrated exceeding well with tools our customers will be using, such as SmarterMail and SmarterStats.

DotNetPanel – Windows Hosting Control, Easier

Simply put, DotNetPanel is a secure, powerful, and incredibly feature-rich application. Here’s a few reasons it will make your life easier:

1.  No need to RDP for every little thing

Conveniently manage your websites through the DotNetPanel web interface.

2.  Act as your own host

Create your own hosting plans and set your plan allocations as you see fit.

3.  Quickly install software

Install applications like DotNetNuke, CommunityServer, and more, with a single click.

4.  Manage websites with ease

Add, edit, or delete websites with a shared or static IP, and edit default documents, error pages, security settings, and HTTP redirections.

5.  Keep an eye on resources

Control bandwidth and disk space consumption by using the integrated bandwidth or disk space report, which breaks down by resource groups (i.e. Web, FTP, Mail, SQL, etc.).

Just around the corner

We’ll begin offering DotNetPanel as an included feature on all Windows dedicated and virtual private servers in very near future as we complete our final testing.

Until then, let us know what you think.  Is this a feature you’re looking forward to?

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4 Responses to “Coming Soon: DotNetPanel for Dedicated, VPS”

  1. Great Work newtek. Another reason why I refer anyone who’s in need of a server (shared or dedicated) to you. Primary reason being support. You guys are great!

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  2. Awesome. Can’t wait for this.

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  3. If we have a dedicated server, can this be installed for us at no charge?

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  4. DotNetPanel offers a free version that you can download now at

    We’re currently working on installation docs to help with this.

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