Is the Internet Apocalypse Nearly Upon Us?

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“Abba they came back safely!”
“God, there are so many prey, really Directions silver jewelry pendant
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to pierce, a pair of dragon angle is sharp as Directions silver jewelry ring
a drill, can be easily crushed stone. And that Kui beast sound like thunder, if in the near, can live to death. As for the ribs of the giant wings of the python is a mountain killer, you can suddenly from a hill culling down, extremely terrible.
Prey there are several more powerful creatures, such as the whole body red red double-headed fire rhinoceros, blood impure brave … … these Discountsliver jewelry necklace Discount code
are worthy of the name of the Xiongshou, found that they should be far around to go, but now Was hunted Discount silver jewelry pendant Discount code
, serious does not meet the common sense!
“This is really very lucky, we are rewarding, but no one was injured.” Hunting team leader in Discount silver jewelry earring Discount code
the stone forest tiger fun, to the patriarch and the Discount silver jewelry bracelet Discount code
village explained. This day and night, the mountains have a super monster passing, to shake the earth, trampled to death, tattoo a lot of mountain animals, during the day they all the way to track, kill a lot of seriously tiffanysilver jewelry ring
injured Xiongshou, these are usually on the village Avoid the tyrannical creatures.
“Some of the big footprints in the mountains are similar Discount silver jewelry ring Discount code
to human footsteps, but they are so big that they are nearly 100 meters long!”
“So big!” Village silver jewelry ring
people exclaimed, this is really a terrible news.

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4 Responses to “Is the Internet Apocalypse Nearly Upon Us?”

  1. I’m in the business of network support, and software development and I have to admit, due to the fact that IPv6 has largely not effected my life (yet), I’ve ignored it. Obviously, I’m not alone.

    While IPv6 is obviously a virtually unlimited (yeah, right :-) IP addressing scheme, I’m left wondering: “wouldn’t it have been an easier conversion, and an easier interoperability had the IETF simply added a 5th octet to the beginning of the existing IPv4 address scheme? As part of the scheme upgrade, the first octet could be optionally specified, insuring easy interoperability with the existing networks? An extra 254 four billion IP addresses would seem a worthy upgrade.

    But, I suppose, its now a moot point, since we seem destined for IPv6.

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  2. Nice article Nate!!

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  3. Hi Paul. Thanks for the comment! In a way, adding a fifth octet to IPV4 for the purposes of avoiding the dual-stack architecture will have the same complexity as implementing IVP6. It may even have more drawbacks. The problem is that any 5-octet address host won’t be able to communicate with the original IPV4 host without modifications of some kind to the IPV4 host. The IPV4 host just doesn’t talk the same language. You would either have to change the IPV4 host to use the new 5-octet addressing scheme (full conversion?) or you have to go full stack. When an IPV4 host is converted to the new 5-octet addressing scheme it can no longer speak to other legacy hosts. No matter what, either the legacy hosts will have to be modified in some way to support intercommunication between legacy and the 5-octet hosts or the operating system will need some interesting helper programs to transparently translate between IPV4 5-octet and IPV4 legacy. This is now just as difficult as IPV6 and strongly in favor of dual-stack architecture.


    NOTE: I’m emailing you the full reply because this was the much shortened version. : )

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  4. Thanks, Michael!

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