Newtek High Performance Cloud: Why We Chose To Partner With Compellent

As you’ve probably heard, we’re moving a large portion of our environment onto a new infrastructure. Powered by Newtek Technology Services (NTS), Dell, and Compellent, the new environment offers unmatched performance, availability, and security. We recently completed migrating our entire Shared SQL environment – over 17,000 databases – on to the new hardware so chances are you’ve experienced some of the benefits already. If you haven’t, then keep an eye out for our beta release of our high-availability Data Storage service and Scalable VPS plans, both powered by the Newtek High Performance Cloud™ (NHPC).

So, why did we choose to invest in Compellent as the storage provider for one of the largest Windows hosts in the world? Because like us, Compellent is focused on providing products and services that increase revenue, decrease risk, and reduce expenses. In this post, we’ll look at how Compellent’s support practices align with the Newtek customer service and support philosophy.

It would be easy to sit here and talk about how great our support is, as I’m sure you’ve already experienced, but bragging about someone else is a different story. Much like our philosophy here at Newtek, Compellent is dedicated to providing world-class service and support to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. Compellent’s Copilot team provides around the clock, 24/7 end-to-end customer support, going beyond traditional everyday administration to improve business performance and overall optimization, which we experienced firsthand by choosing Compellent as the storage provider for our entire shared SQL environment.

Our management team was a little skeptical when we decided to use a cutting-edge storage device for current projects like the new high-availability Data Storage service and scalable VPS plans. But Compellent quickly put those reservations to rest. Compellent sent a team to our data center and walked us through the entire process of setting up and using the new hardware. While they were onsite, they provided in-depth answers to any and all questions we had. After the Copilot team left, the excellent support continued. They periodically check in, like after firmware upgrades and disk installations, to verify that the system is performing as expected. Everyone involved in the project was extremely thankful for the support and excited to add Compellent to the Newtek family.

The experience we had with the Compellent Copilot team reinforced our confidence that we had made the right decision. This investment has allowed us to further strengthen our ‘Unparalleled’ Customer Service and Support by continuing to offer world-class 24/7/365 US based support backed by our extended family at Compellent. This partnership solidifies our ability to provide products and services that increase revenue, decrease risk, and reduce expenses.

We understand that great Customer Service is a crucial part of business, and as a small business owner it’s critical to be on the receiving end of great customer service. So we’ve strengthened our own support, giving us the ability to offer you truly ‘Unparalleled’ support and services. For any small business owner it’s a no brainer. NTS provides the best support and services in the industry and is now partnered with another world-class hosting provider to help minimize our own risk and eliminate yours. With NTS and Compellent, you can now truly experience ‘Unparalleled’ Customer Service and Support.

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