Our Gift to You: 22 Free DotNet & PHP Web Apps at Your Fingertips

Back in April we first told you about our release of new DotNet plans (hosted on Windows 2008/IIS7) that features, among other things, individual app pools, IIS Manager access, and .NET 4.0.

Just as notable, we immediately began putting a good deal of effort and resources into building out more features and tools to compliment the new, flexible environment. The first example of this would be the App Pool Manager, which we built into the WebControlCenter to give customers the ability to change their supported .NET version (between 2.0/3.5 & 4.o), change their app pool’s bitness (between 32 & 64-bit), refresh their app pool, and adjust their pipeline mode (between integrated & classic).

Today, we’re announcing another new feature—and this is a big one: Integration of Microsoft’s Web App Gallery.

What the Web App Gallery means to you

Starting today, our integration of the Web App Gallery means you have over twenty of today’s most popular open source web applications at your fingertips (both PHP and .NET-based apps!), including blog platforms, content management systems, tools, galleries, wikis, and forum software. With a virtually 1-click installation process for each, you can get any one of them installed and up and running on your site in just a few minutes.

To get an idea of how truly easy these installations are, be sure to check out the newsletter post where we walk you through the quick steps of installing WordPress with the Web App Gallery tool.

Oh, and did we mention that all of this is free?

The Web App Gallery is included, at no extra charge, on all ASP.NET or ColdFusion 9 plans hosted on Windows 2008/IIS7 servers.

If you’re on an older version of ASP.NET (2.0/3.5) or ColdFusion (8 or lower), you can upgrade to a newer version at any time.

The apps we support

As an initial, essentially beta release—where we’re still working out all the kinks and testing out a number of additional apps to add—the 22 applications we’re launching with today is just the beginning.

As Microsoft adds more applications to the gallery, and we’re able to test them successfully in our own environment, we’ll be supporting more as time goes on.

For now, however, here’s what we’re supporting:

So what do you think?  Love it, hate it? Let us know your thoughts about our Web App Gallery integration in the comments below.

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6 Responses to “Our Gift to You: 22 Free DotNet & PHP Web Apps at Your Fingertips”

  1. These are great. Any chance of adding Joomla to the list?

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  2. Barbara,

    Yes, we’re actually finalizing some testing for Joomla now and it should be good to go shortly. Thanks for commenting!

    Joomla had been added to the installer and is now available.

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  3. Yeah! Thanks

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  4. So, is there a fee to use the Sugar CRM app? Here, I’m readying “free web apps”, but at the Sugar CRM site, it says $360/year. Which is it?

    Thanks in advance…

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  5. Aric – the version of SugarCRM that is available via the Web Application Gallery is the Community version, so it is free to install and use. Only the Professional and Enterprise versions are paid…

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  6. Actually, Joomla! was a last minute add to the release, so it IS available for install, it’s just not listed in the article.

    EDIT: looks like WIll updated his response…

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