You’re Gonna Love This “Extension” Stuff

Okay, I will just say it. Before today, I had no idea what an “extension” was. It turns out (with only the information I surmised from my minutes-old experience) that an extension is kind of like a downloadable function or mini-app available on, at least, Google Chrome (not sure if its exclusively Chrome, though) that allows users to do stuff that they normally couldn’t do without downloading it.

Today I got the “ad blocker” extension. But how, you might be wondering – unless, of course, you are among the few who are simply born knowing this kind of stuff, and where to find it. Well as you may have guessed, Tom our lead designer, is one of those people and he showed me. (God, I love working here.*)

Please Note: We ARE a technology company. In fact, it is only because I am a marketing guy that I am so clueless. (I am actually even considered technologically challenged in my own department.) Moreover, a case could be made that Newtekkies(aka: people that work here), even beyond Tom, boast a 99.9% “totally know what freakin’ extensions are for cryin’ out loud” factor.

Okay, so what does this Ad Blocker do?

Well, you know when you go to watch a video and you have to wait five seconds, or even longer in many cases, for some stupid ad to run before you get to watch your video clip of a man’s Fruit-of-the-Looms being torn from his derrière by a bloodthirsty bull’s horn at Pamplona? Well, not anymore. Not with Ad Blocker. Not with, (sniff) a very special, (gulp) very meaningful (tearing up) … EXTENSION. That’s right. Ads be gone. No more ads. Not ever. Never again.Muuuuuahhahahahahahahahah!

Okay, here’s how to get it (the Ad Block Extension) and others: (‘cause I’m sure as hell loading up)

  • Open Chrome
  • Go to the very upper right hand corner and find an icon with three short horizontal lines, with an even smaller orange exclamation mark icon in it.
  • Left click the icon and scroll down to tools and when a window opens next to it, go to “extensions” and click to select. Oh yeahhhh …
  • In the chrome web store, type in the name of the extension you want or choose a category to explore what’s available.
  • Choose and download, which only took a couple of seconds.
  • Presto, you’ve been “extensioned.”
  • Enjoy

If you need me, you know where to find me.

Your “Intechstigator”

The .1% Guy …

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