Cyberwarfare’s a Battlefield

Okay. So we didn’t break this story and we aren’t necessarily sure what they are talking about; specifically, where this is whole thing is going or how it will ultimately be applied. But, it is interesting. Oh yeah, it’s interesting alright.

Okay, okay. I will explain. It seems that the infamous DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) inventors of the robotic monster dog and cheetah (allegedly Hong-Kong Fui-fast) are working with the Pentagon on a video game-like program (Plan X) that is intended to make cyberwarfare, well, “easy.”

Now, no matter what we read hereunto forward, the programmers likely have intentions that go far beyond that which is being openly discussed. But, just to whet the appetite, read this little ditty from Ploygon blogger, Jenna Pitcher.

The notion of a warfare game, even cyberly speaking, certainly resurrects images from the nearly-forgotten 80s pseudo-orwellian big screen foreshadowing of a computer-generated armageddon scenario.

Look, I am all for the U.S. getting a hand up and being the baddest dude on the block. And as a football fan, I do believe that in the right circumstances, the best defense is a great offense. It just seems to me that there’s a pattern with programmers and the genius that accompanies their work … time and time again it seems the best of the best rise from nowhere, offering up their unexpected code revelations and forever changing the world by pure happenstance.

You create tools and make a game out of something so serious, somebody, usually the type with nothing to lose and a hard-to-explain, nearly irrepressible desire to “see if they can”  - is going to show you precisely how its done.

Just hope Ferris Bueller’s doeppleganger, War Games’ David, or the Goliath-slaying Hewbrew with the sling-shot (whomever is available) is around to save our collective behinds from our own folly.

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