Twitter…what’s the point?

My perspective:

Oh Twitter. Talk about an acquired taste. Some things in life are so incredibly easy to love immediately (for me, the Mocha Freeze at Dutch Brothers), while others take a little more patience and time, and in the case of Twitter – a bit of peer pressure.

At first glance, it seems incredibly frivolous and entirely unnecessary. Another vehicle enabling the TMI syndrome if you will. I suppose my struggle with it at first – and before I had really taken the time to examine its potential – was that it seemed like a tool for those who never received enough attention from their peers and elders growing up. Does the Twitterverse really care that you snagged the very last cherry jell-o cup in the cafeteria at lunch? Doubtful. But tweets like that only make up a small portion of the millions of tweets flowing daily, and if used sporadically, can simply enhance a tweeter’s personality. Moreover, for small businesses, Twitter provides an extremely economical (FREE) way to promote your brand, especially when done with a guiding strategy and in moderation – key word being “moderation.” There’s no need to be obnoxious about your company’s news. That will get you unfollowed faster than seats go for Oprah’s big giveaway show.

After I was guilted into jumping on the Twitter train by colleagues and industry peers, I was amazed at the various tools that accompanied Twitter. It felt very difficult to manage at first and I just didn’t “get it.” How on Earth was I supposed to keep up with the constantly moving feed that was literally all over the map? Cue the vast cadre of management tools: TweetDeck, People Browsr and Twhirl to name just a few. For a comprehensive list, click here.  After taking some time to listen to the chatter before jumping in, it all started to make sense.

I also took some time to ask few colleagues what their take was on Twitter, including my co-worker, Will, and the boss man, Derek.

Will’s perspective

Derek’s perspective

Whether Twitter has any real staying power remains to be seen. Similar to the Facebook swell, it has certainly grown by leaps and bounds, but I have no doubt that something even more advanced will be nipping at Twitter’s heels in no time. Probably a micro-micro blogging application that requires only 50 characters, relying on one part update, one part telekinesis. You’ve got to love technology!

So what about you? Why do you Tweet?

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